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Volkswagen and the comeback of American industry

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| Posted January 29th, 2013

Volkswagen and the comeback of American industry

On the eve of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Martin Winterkorn talked to over 200 journalists from all over the world about the significance of the U.S. for the Group and explained how Volkswagen is playing a part in the revival of American industry and why the auto industry remains a growth industry in the U.S., too. As the CEO underscored:

Detroit is the right place to speak about Volkswagen’s future plans here in the U.S. And believe me:These plans are both comprehensive and ambitious! […] Our business has many strong pillars here in the United States.

• Take the Volkswagen brand, which has always offered “mobility for everyone” with cars like the Beetle and the new Golf.

• Or take some of the world’s strongest premium brands – Audi, Bentley or Lamborghini. And of course: Porsche.

This unique multi-brand strategy is paying off – here in the U.S., and globally. In 2012, our Group delivered 9.1 million vehicles worldwide – a new, all-time sales record. And this number does not even yet include MAN, Scania and Ducati. […] The Volkswagen Group is 100 percent focused on growth! Despite all economic challenges!

More and more, the United States is becoming a cornerstone of this development. 2012 was the best sales-year ever in the United States: With deliveries of nearly 600,000 vehicles, an impressive plus of over 30 percent. […] At the heart of this success remains the Volkswagen brand, with strong deliveries of nearly 440.000 vehicles in 2012. Volkswagen is our promise to all Americans who seek “German Engineering” and great value for the money.

It’s fair to say, that five years ago,mVolkswagen reset the clocks here in America.mEver since, this key market has been right at the top of our agenda.

• We have invested more than 4 billion dollars since 2008.

• We have built one of the world’s greenest and most modern car factories.

• We have created over 3,000 direct jobs in Chattanooga, plus an expected 10,000 related to the project.

• We have expanded the U.S. network to over 600 dealerships.

• And most important of all: We have put new, fascinating models on the road for U.S. customers. Models like the all new Jetta, the Beetle and – above all – the Passat: A car for America, made in America!

It’s great to see how these efforts are paying off: In 2010, Volkswagen brand sales grew 20 percent. This rose to 26 percent in 2011. And last year, the brand even recorded a 35 percent boom. In total, we have more than doubled deliveries in the past three years, while the overall market has grown by 39 percent. In other words: Volkswagen has won many new customers and increased its market share by one percentage point.

My Thanks go to all those who contributed to these great results: To Jonathan Browning and his entire Team. As well as to our dealers and suppliers here in America.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I am not pretending business can move at this pace forever. But, what I am saying is: Volkswagen won’t cut back! Volkswagen will stay in the fast lane!

We are now writing the next chapter of a great comeback story. First: Volkswagen is picking up where we left off in the 60s and 70s, when the brand was part of the “American Way of Life”. Second: Volkswagen is also part of an even bigger revival – the comeback of American industry.

The auto industry in particular has shown that it is – by no means – an “old” industry! It is a driver of technology and innovation. And it is a motor for growth and job creation.

Given current market conditions in Europe this may sound quite bold. But we are absolutely convinced: This industry remains a growth industry! Worldwide – and in this country! That is why the Volkswagen Group of America – together with Porsche –has even more big plans:

• We want to grow sustainably and deliver well over 600,000 vehicles this year.

• We want to outpace the industry and win the hearts and minds of many more Americans.

• And, we naturally want to make money, too: On a consolidated basis, Volkswagen Group of America has set its sights on moving into the black this year.

Overall, we are keeping our eye firmly on one long-term target:By 2018, Volkswagen and Audi are aiming to sell at least one million vehicles per year here in the United States. We are now entering the next stage of this mission:

• With total investments of more than 5 billion dollars in North America by 2015.

• With a new, big engine plant in Silao, opening on Tuesday, and a new Audi plant in San Jose Chiapa.

• With the further expansion of the US sales infrastructure.

• And, above all, with compelling new vehicles for American customers.

Highlight number 1 is already in the showrooms: The Jetta Hybrid. […] This car demonstrates that a hybrid can indeed be exciting! That is what Volkswagen means by green mobility!

Highlight number 2 is waiting in the wings.Hardly any segment in the U.S. is as important and dynamic as the midsize SUV segment. So, Volkswagen can and must take the initiative in this area, too! Tomorrow, we will celebrate the world premiere of our CrossBlue – a study that paves the way for Volkswagen’s new,big SUV for America:

• A car developed specifically for U.S. customers.

• A car that offers plenty of room for up to 7 passengers.

• And a car that brings cutting edge “green” technology to American roads– from efficient gasoline and clean diesel engines to plug-in hybrids.

And you can bet: This new Volkswagen will not only be a leader in technology! But also a real eye-catcher!

2013 will be a challenging year for the auto industry – and for us, too. Many markets all over the world are losing momentum – first and foremost those in Europe. But: The past has shown that the Volkswagen Group grows with challenges!

And that we continue along our path even when times get tough! With determination, with focus and with a lot of passion – for our brands, for our cars and for our customers!

So here we are – with one big vision: By 2018, we want the Volkswagen Group to be the world’s best carmaker. Not just in terms of size and profit. But also when it comes to satisfied customers, to the best team and to sustainability. We believe in this goal! We cannot be shaken in our commitment to this goal! And the United States is a great example of how we will make it happen!

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