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Global Identity

Global Identity

Identity theft schemes are evolving and becoming increasingly more sophisticated. With this in mind, we need to be alert to the fact that breach rates will continue to increase. Perpetrators are continually looking to exploit large scale data breaches. Identity theft has been tagged "the crime of the information age" and is on the mind of most Canadians.

Increasingly, institutions are offering purchased restoration coverage, however these policies/programs are for the most part, reimbursement-based. Due to the reimbursement nature of the benefits, the victim remains largely responsible for self-navigation through the potentially complex restoration process.

The Global Identity Solution

Should a Global Identity member become a victim of identity theft, our multilingual identity restoration professionals can be contacted 24/7 via 1-800 and will remain engaged until our member's identity has been completely restored.

With extensive knowledge and background in white collar crime, Global Identity has developed the most comprehensive and innovative identity theft restoration portfolio available in Canada.

The key differentiator between traditional restoration and Global Identity is the victim executed limited power of attorney (LPOA). This LPOA allows the Global Identity agent to correspond on the victim's behalf with Financial Institutions, Credit Bureaus, lenders, law enforcement agents, Revenue Canada and other government agencies necessary to facilitate the restoration process.

The entire restoration process is administered by trained qualified assistance agents who in turn are overseen by a highly specialised group of professionals including, law enforcement agents, lawyers and other related experts. All victims are represented by a certified fraud expert with memberships in ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) and the IACFI (International Association of Certified Fraud Investigators). All correspondence with the victim is overseen by staff lawyers with Legal representation in place for each province and Territory of Canada.

Service Available:

Upon the purchase of Global Identity through the Global Registration Program and for a maximum period of four (4) years from the date the vehicle was registered, should a member, their spouse or common-law partner, or their dependant become a victim of identity theft, the client may exercise the following restoration options:

Facilitated LPOA

The victim gives the Global Identity agent the ability to act on behalf of the victim to restore their identity.


Should the victim be reluctant to sign a LPOA, victims are provided access to information required to restore their identity with the support of an expert team of restoration professionals supporting the victim through every step of the process. Members have access to mental health professionals who will help them deal with the shock or stress that may affect some victims.

Members also have access to Assistant Agents regardless of breach confirmation. Members are free to contact Agents should they suspect a breach or have questions regarding lost documents, cards, cheques or other personal documents. They may also contact Agents with questions relating to irregularities on credit reports or bank statements.

Agents and Web based tools can also provide members general information about identity theft, restoration and prevention measures.

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