As someone who suffers from a pretty bad case of social anxiety, one of the things I hate most in the world is shopping somewhere where the workers earn a commission. Walking into a place like The Brick will give me heart palpitations. The way the salespeople will stalk you and follow you around asking a kajillion questions…no thanks.

When Best Buy was established, their selling point was that they weren’t based on commission, as opposed to their competitor, Future Shop, which was. They advertised that it was a much more relaxing way to shop, as you could just walk around at your own pace and not have to be worried about being harassed. Obviously, they were right, as Future Shop has gone out of business and Best Buy is still going strong.

What Is Commission?

You might be reading all this and thinking to yourself “I don’t even know what commission is, but I’m too embarrassed to ask, so I’ll just pretend I know what’s going on.” But that’s ok, did you really think I’d hang you out to dry?

When it comes to sales, commission is a fee that the salesperson receives, usually based on a percentage of whatever it is they sell. With cars, most dealerships pay their sales staff a commission based on a percentage of the retained profit on each car sold.

Why Is This Bad?

Well, it really isn’t. Selling based on commission means that the salesperson will have to put in more effort to sell that car. They’ll need to know everything about the car or risk having the customer go to someone else. You will get amazing service because that salesperson really wants to sell you whatever it is you’re looking at.

Having said that, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good thing either. Because the salesperson wants to earn that commission, they might put more pressure on you. If you want to shop in peace, that could be more difficult since you might have a salesperson hovering around you.

At the end of the day, like any system that will dictate someone’s actions, it’s all dependent on the person using it. Commission sales can bring out the best in some sales associates, while bringing out the not so best in other sales associates. Dealerships have been employing their sales associates on a commission system for decades, but a lot has changed in the world and in Toronto. It’s our hope that employing our employees based on a Salary will result in a better customer experience for our guests and a better quality of life for our associates.

What Does This Have To Do With Weins Pre-Owned Centre?

Well, all this comes down to one big announcement: Weins Pre-Owned Centre is the first store within Weins Canada to offer commission-free sales! (Insert Rick Flair “WOO!” here)

This means that your shopping experience at Weins Pre-Owned Centre will be completely stress-free! No pressure from salespeople, no hounds hovering around, nothing but good old-fashioned “customer first” experiences. If you want to talk, we’ll talk to you. If you want us to leave you alone while you shop, we’ll leave you alone. You dictate your shopping experience, completely pressure-free