Wow Story

What is the Weins WOW of the Year?

The Weins WOW is a contest for all Weins Canada associates to award a thoughtful or selfless act, or personal or team accomplishment that ultimately enhances customer and/or associate relations. At the most basic level, creating a "WOW" means going the extra mile and giving guests more than they expected. Turning a good experience into a great one. For example, after a customer purchased a new Genesis, the salesperson made reservations at the customer’s favourite restaurant and paid for their meal, a credit of $200. It could also be a unique or special award/distinction that an associate receives.

Are you or the person you are nominating eligible?

The Weins WOW contest is open to all associates at all divisions and locations (this includes Gormley, Body Shop, etc) with the following exceptions:

  • ERM committee members
  • All Managers

You can enter yourself, or another Weins Canada associate and you can enter more than once (assuming you have a “WOW” worthy experience to share).

How are WOW submissions judged?

Our WOW committee judges will assess the submissions on the following criteria:

  • Originality of experience
  • Kaizen or operation process improvement
  • Overall effect over CSI
  • Overall effect over ESI
  • Was there any cost involved
  • Number of associates involved
  • Overall impact on the community

A score from 1-10 will be assigned for each category to arrive at a final score.

When are the winners picked?

The contest will run throughout 2018 and winners will be selected throughout the year at these times:

  • March 23rd - May 31st: 5 Awards
  • June 1st - July 31st: 5 Awards
  • August 1st - September 30th: 5 Awards
  • October 1st - December 31st: 8 Awards

The grand prize winner will be announced at the Company Kick-Off meeting in January.